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5 Tips for New Adventure Racers

1. Practice, practice, practice! Practice biking, orienteering, paddling, whatever you feel you need to work on! It will be a challenge when you are out on the course if you are not adequately prepared for the terrain! Check out our Adventure Club page for opportunities to get out and practice with Team REV3Endurance!

2. Study up on nutrition. Our very own team member Vanessa frequently shares nutrition tips for use during training and on the course. It’s important to know what to eat before and during the race.

3. Water! Make sure you are carrying enough water to get you through. You can also invest in a personal water filtration system to clean water found on the course in the event that you run out.

4. A high quality pack can make all the difference. Check out these packs from OutThereUSA they really are the best! Use the Code REV3-20 for a discount!

5. Spend time with seasoned Adventure Racers and ask questions! Not to brag but we have some pretty awesome Adventure Racers on our team who would love to hang out and talk about adventure racing! Our Adventure Club frequently hosts social events in Northern Virginia and abroad for like minded people to get together and hang out. Keep an eye on our Adventure Club page and

for when these events will take place! We would love to have you join us!

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