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2024 Press Release

Red Bull Partnership


Sponsorship Opportunities


The REV3Endurance portfolio of outdoor events offers life-enriching outdoor  activities for extreme athletes, weekend warriors, and casual health enthusiasts of all ages. We host ultra-marathons, half-marathons, 10Ks, 5Ks, adventure races (family races to 24-hour adventure races), mountain bike races, and trail runs—something for everyone. Each event is designed to unleash the adventurer within. 

Our goal is for each of our events to be fun, empowering, and something participants will want to do it again. Participation often requires training, acquiring proper gear and/or equipment, and securing housing and dining options. 

With extensive event experience and the complementary equipment and logistics skills, the REV3Endurance team partners with charities, property owners, businesses, cities, states and private companies. REV3Endurance brings high-quality and fun events that  are family friendly, endurance based, and goal achieving of an adventurous lifestyle. 



More people than ever are running for their health, fitness, and competition. Nearly 143 million Americans, or 49.2  percent, participated in an outdoor activity at least once in 2019, with running (including jogging and trail running)  being the most popular regardless of ethnic or racial affiliation, according to the Outdoor Foundation.


Facebook & Instagram Followers from corporate sites and sponsors includes 250,000 followers and growing. Email, web site and mailing list access 50,000+. Active racer registrations per year is 2,500. REV3Endurance branding impressions through advertising campaigns and partnerships will exceed over five million  impressions in 2021. The campaigns are nationwide but primarily focused in the mid-Atlantic Region and Virginia,  Maryland, DC., West Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Wyoming and Colorado.


REV3Endurance caters to everyone from world-class professional athletes to “weekend warriors” to first-time racers.  To ensure our weekends offer not just another race but a memorable, fun-filled, and satisfying experience, we  handpick every venue and bring our first-rate race directing and management skills to every single event. Our events  can require gear and technology for the participants. They have the expertise and experience to know what works  best and they have the disposable income to purchase it. Many “newbies” to the sport seek consumer advice from  these more seasoned athletes through open-forum blogs or social media sites. Many events require an overnight or  longer stay, necessitating hotel rooms, dining options, and other activities. Our participants are driven to succeed and  seek to embrace all life has to offer—with their friends, family, and race team. 

REV3Endurance mixes outdoor sports into a challenging and exciting experience. Mountain biking, trail  running, trekking, and water sports are built off a navigation foundation, making for an outdoor multisport  cocktail that brings out individual and team dynamics never before experienced. From events that last just a  few hours to multi day races, REV3Endurance caters to both beginner and experienced participants. Vetted  courses, good maps, great venues, and a fun and safe environment are key components of every  REV3Endurance event. (

Sponsorship Programs


Platinum Sponsor: ($50,000 - $25,000) Race Series sponsor.  All races will be promoted under the Race series sponsor name for the entire race season. Email list access and web site logo placement.

Event Gold Sponsor: ($10,000 - $5,000) Race Name, Example: Dominion Power Family Adventure Race, five  complimentary entries to events, title on all promotional products, promoted at all awards ceremonies as a gold level  sponsor, posters, shirts, emails, website logos, maps and other promotional materials. 


Event Silver Sponsorship: ($3,000 - $1000) Prize Sponsor\Supporter, two complimentary entries, sponsor announced  during awards ceremony, posters, shirts, emails, website logos, maps and other promotional materials. 

Event Bronze Sponsorship: ($750 - $250) Logos listed on shirts, website, event tent/table space & email logos and other promotional materials.

“I have worked with  REV3Endurance for  

years and it’s been a worthwhile investment.  

It’s a top-notch professional race management
team. It has allowed me to reach a broader,
specific audience.
” -Mike Kloser,  

Founder OutThere USA

“Zanfel has chosen to  sponsor a variety of  

events produced by  REV3Endurance. We’ve  

been alongside them from Wyoming to  

Virginia. It’s been a smart investment and  

gets our product in front  of the right people.” – 

S. Sisler, Zanfel






For more information contact:
Mike Spiller

Mike at
Live an Adventurous Lifestyle 

1855 Cherokee Bluff Drive, Knoxville, TN 37920

Photos 2019 - Photo Library from Bushnell Photography

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