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REV3 Endurance Coaching
Elevate Your Adventure

Hunter + Dave Summit.jpg

Hunter L. - Endurance Athlete, Adventure Racer


Benton Mackaye Trail, 5d 15h 33m, 288 miles

Georgia Section of AT, Unsupported, 22h 50m 22s

Mt. Ka’ala, Hawaii Sea to Summit, 4h 33m 56s

Double S.C.A.R. (TN, NC), Supported, 1d 23h 56m 5s

Foothills Trail (NC. SC), Unsupported, 4d, 12h, 54m 0s

Multiple 1OAs in Adventure Racing Including Sea to Sea 2022

“Over the past 15 years of endurance racing, I have set multiple records and completed several of the world’s most challenging races. For a long time, I neglected a structured training plan and proper coaching. Wanting to tap into my full-athletic potential, I needed to partner with a coach who I could trust to elicit this. With many previous records and success, I had no shortage of coaches willing to train me. What ultimately made me decide to train with Coach Nick was his immense scientific understanding of how the body works and his wealth of knowledge of how to train elite-level athletes. I have experienced other coaches who simply repackage what they had personal success with or replicate other training programs. Coach Nick does not do this and takes a true personal approach to creating custom training protocols based on the individual. In even the first few months, I saw incredible leaps in my performance. Nick’s ability to work around my body and schedule is far superior to anyone I have ever worked with!”

“In the first few months of working with Nick, I saw significant improvements in my fitness and performance. During this time, I completed two ultra-marathons and significantly improved my performance at each. These were completed while training on a compressed timeline due to very busy life and work schedules. Nick works around my lifestyle to optimize my time available for training. He is flexible and adjusts my training as my schedules change. With Nick on my team, I am a much better athlete.”

C - Stephan.jpg

Stephan D. - Ultra-Endurance Athlete

C - Samantha.jpg

Samantha W. - Marathon Runner

“Coach Nick helped me prepare for my first marathon in April of 2022. I had two months to prep for it and his weekly plans for me were perfectly structured to fit my needs. Before creating my running plan he checked with me in advance about any previous injuries I had, what my strength and weaknesses were with running, and got to know me and my goals for the marathon. We had weekly check ins to ensure I was progressing and if any adjustments were needed, those were reflected in the following weeks plan. He helped me not only complete my marathon, but even accelerated my recovery. I was prepared and confident going into my race. Hiring coach Nick was definitely a great decision and I would recommend him to anyone looking to be a better endurance runner.”

“Coach Hurff does a phenomenal job helping me both better define and reach my goals of going further, deeper, and higher into the mountains. His ability to balance short and long-term goals with athlete longevity is fantastic. Terrific coach”

C - John.jpg

John C. - Back country Athlete

John launches off a 20 foot cliff while descending from an alpine ascent in the North Cascades of Washington.


REV3 Endurance Coaching
Elevate Your Adventure

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