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REV3Endurance 50 Hour Challenge

Adventure Race
May 11th - May 14th, 2023
Want to RACE?  
General Registration is now open

4 Team spots still available for this first year race
Race Director ZOOM Call
Zoom Call #1 - November - Recording
Zoom Call #2 - December - Recording
Zoom Call #3 - January - Recording
Zoom Call #4 -  April 17th

Monday April 17, 2023 - 7:00PM EST

Race Description


Are you ready to take on the REV3Endurance 50 Hour Expedition Race?  This is an exciting Intermediate to Advanced level adventure race. This is the most challenging Rev3 Endurance adventure race. To get the race belt buckle medal you have to clear the race course!!!  We have a great course designed for you to run, bike, paddle, and navigate your way around in an awesome area of the Shenandoah Valley. In this race we will be adopting an Eco Challenge format.  This is a point to point race where the teams will go through three transition areas to resupply.  Elite teams could clear this course in 30 hours.  We are giving all teams the opportunity to clear the course in the Eco Challenge format.  There will be cutoffs along the course that the teams need to clear to stay official in the race.  This is an endurance event designed for the weekend warriors to push themselves and use teamwork strategies to motivate their team members to push to finish the race. 

The event is being limited to 50 teams of either 2 or 4 members.  We are working with Remedy Studios to give an overview of Expedition Adventure Racing for the weekend adventurer.  We will be using GPX tracking to allow family and friends to follow teams online. The race will consist of road biking, gravel biking and mountain biking on some nice trail systems. The paddling section will consist of over 40 miles of river paddling in canoes and racers will need to transport their bikes in their canoes.  We may be lucky enough to have a few small whitewater sections in the race.  The trekking will consist of a few different types of trails and off-trail checkpoints for racers to find.  The total distance of the course will be 110-130 miles and 30-40 checkpoints along the course for teams to find.  There are lots of route options to get to the different transition areas to resupply and access to several towns along the route. 

Are you and your team members up for this mini eco challenge format event?

New Announcement: We are working with race venues in the following states (West Virginia, Tennessee, Wyoming and Florida) to continue the series in future years.

Race Features

UTM plotting of 20 -30 points

Two set of waterproof maps for each team

Four different orienteering courses

     Water orienteering course in canoes

     Bike orienteering course

     Mountain terrain orienteering course 

     Night trek orienteering course

Course is designed to clear all checkpoints in less than 50 hours

Race Location

  • Shenandoah County

  • Seven Bends State Park - 1191 Lupton Rd, Woodstock, VA 22664

  • If you have friends and family along for the adventure, check out the Family Fun link from the Shenandoah county web site.

Race Estimated Distance

50 Hour 110 - 130 miles (Estimated Distances: Water 42 miles, Trekking 15 miles, Biking 68 miles (Pavement, Gravel and Trails)

Estimated Route Legs
Leg 1 (25 Miles)  Biking (Road, Gravel & MTB)
Leg 2 (27 Miles)  Canoe  (River Paddle)
Leg 3 (15 miles) MTB
Leg 4 (15 Miles) Canoe (River Paddle)

Leg 5 (12 Miles) Biking (Road)
Leg 6 (6 Miles) Trekking orienteering course
Leg 7 (15 Miles) Biking (Road
, Gravel & MTB)
Leg 8 ( 8 Miles) Trekking orienteering course

Leg 9 (Physical or Mental challenge)
Finish Line


Registration Fees 50 Hours

​Teams (2 & 4 Person Team Options Available)        
$575.00 per person until December 31st, 2022       
$675.00 per person until April 1st, 2023 or until race is sold out at 50 teams   

Race Start Location

Seven Bends State Park - 1191 Lupton Rd, Woodstock, VA 22664

Race Schedule of Events

Thursday May 11th, 2023

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Packet Pick-up and gear check at host location
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm Pre Race Briefing   

Friday May 12th, 2023
8:30 am: Transition area opens and bike drop for the prologue section of the race
9:30 am: All Transition boxes must be dropped off at the box truck for transportation to first transition area. 
10:30 am: Race start  


Saturday - Sunday May 14th - May 15th, 2023
Racers begin to finish (TA1 & TA2 are open for racers to rest and resupply)

Sunday May 14th, 2023    
2:30 pm: Racers must be off the course    
3:00 pm: Post Race BBQ cookout
3:30 pm: Awards ceremony

Race Packet Pickup

Packet pickup location will be at Seven Bends State Park. It is required that all forms be completely filled out and signed  for each member of your team.  In addition, a fees for race insurance ($25.00) will be due at Packet Pick-Up. These fees are required for additional insurance for an expedition race.  You will get your race t-shirt, race map, Rules of travel and any race numbers at packet pick-up.

Equipment Provided By Rev3Endurance

The gear necessary for water portions of the race will be provided. This may include, but not limited to: Watercraft (canoes, paddles and PFDs).  Race maps, Racer Bibs, Race passport and Rules of Travel will also be provided by Rev3Endurance. Racers can bring their own paddles and PFD. Racer who bring their own paddles and PFD's will need to provide a paddle bag for REV3 Staff to transport their gear back to the finish are.

Mandatory Equipment (Responsibility of each team and\or Racer)

Rev3Endurance will be checking in mandatory equipment. REV3Endurance will be checking randomly throughout the race for mandatory equipment.  Missing mandatory equipment will result in points being decreased from your total score.

Mandatory Equipment

  • Enough food and water for the event

  • Bike - front suspension is recommended

  • Front & Rear bike light

  • Bike helmet

  • Bailing device (Sample: Cup/pint/quart size container, something to bail water from canoes)

  • Outside maps are allowed (Sample National Geographic Massanutten and Great North Mountain)

  • Rules of Travel - Provided by Rev3Endurance

  • Cell phone fully charged for emergency communication only!!

  • Basic repair kit for your bike (tube, pump and patch kit) (One Per Team)

  • Basic Medical Kit (One Per team)

  • Bike Lock (One Per Team)

  • Climbing harness (At least one per team) sizing & types of harness that are allowed

  • Compass

  • Rain Jacket

  • Wool base layer shirt

  • Emergence blanket

  • Whistle

  • Sharpie

  • Headlamp with extra batteries

  • UTM Plotter for 1:24 scale


This race is a point to point race.  There will be (2) transition area to resupply.  You will be able to leave your bike while you are trekking for checkpoints. Each two team members will be allowed to bring a 27 gallon transition bin that REV3Endurance will move along the course for you. 

Sample 27 Gallon Storage Tote (2 person-team will be allowed to bring one and four person teams can bring two)



Fun things to do in the Shenandoah Valley

Check out the Family Fun link from the Shenandoah county web site.

You can visit Shenandoah County Accommodations web site for options.  We are working on rustic camping option at Seven Bends State Park. Holiday Inn Express, Woodstock, VA (540) 459-5000

Post-Race Food

REV3Endurance will be hosting a BBQ cookout and awards ceremony after the race. 



Unofficial results will be announced at the awards ceremony and post-race official results will be posted to our web site 24 – 48 hours after the event.



Awards: Belt buckle medals for all races completing the race. 

Sample Results and ranking


1st 36 points 39:41 minutes

2nd 36 points 44:09 minutes

3rd 21 points 26:13 minutes (Finished course early without clearing all the checkpoint


  • 2-person teams: Male, Female, and Co-Ed  

  • 4-person teams: Male, Female, and Co-Ed      

  • Current Team List - Bio Page

links to Mandatory Race Forms

  • REV3 Liability waiver and photo release (Must be completed by all racers before race packets are distributed to the team).  All online registrations will already have forms on file. 

  • A $25.00 Insurance fee will be charged to all racers.

  • Adventure Race Rules - Download

Race Cancellation & Refund Policy

Severe weather conditions may postpone the start of the race, or the course may be shortened. General Refund Policy


Would you like to come out and volunteer for the race?

Send an email to Mike with your time options and we’ll find something to get you involved at the race.

Photos 2021

2021 Bryce Conquer the Mountain - 24 and 8 Hour Race Photos - Bushnell

2021 Bryce Conquer the Mountain - Race Pictures from Vladimir Bukalo

Five Year Race Schedule

Virginia - 2023 May
West Virginia - 2024 May
Wyoming - 2025 June - August
Tennessee - 2026 April
Belize - 2027 TBD

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