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Thank you for your interest in the Rev3 Endurance Adventure Club. 

The local club represents Rev3 Endurance in their home market of Virginia, West Virginia, DC, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Club membership is available to anyone who is interested in adventure racing or mountain biking, regardless of experience or skill level. Benefits for the club members are as follows:


  • 50% discount on Rev3 Endurance races with the Team code

  • 20% discount for friends and family with a special code

  • Branded T-shirt

  • Rev3 Endurance racing jersey

  • Opportunity to train with and learn from like-minded individuals

  • Sponsor gear, supplies, and benefits including:

    • 1 boxes of GU Gels products and Zanfel products

    • Team discounts from local sponsors

    • 1 Free Bryce Downhill Park bike pass per season

    • Access to Facebook group page for the Rev3 Endurance Team.

    • Other sponsor gear (Gloves, Sunglasses, clothing, etc)


Team obligations

Become a brand ambassador for Rev3 Endurance

  • Incorporate team kits and Rev3 Endurance brand in your regular training activities.

  • Actively promote a positive image of Rev3 Endurance – answer questions; direct to website; inform others about races; advertise Rev3 Endurance with stickers, car magnets, and other promotional materials; etc.

  • Distribute marketing materials in your local markets (business cards, postcards and posters)

  • “Like” and “Follow” Rev3 Endurance on social media sites. Be sure to tag us in your posts when relevant.

  • Volunteer your time for at least one Rev3 Endurance event (Adventure, Glow, or Mountain bike) per calendar year. A team member can volunteer and still participate in some of our events.

  • Host two Rev3 Endurance training sessions per year for other teammates or prospective teammates to attend (MTB, orienteering, paddling, climbing, hiking, camping, running, team cookout, charity events, volunteering, and marketing opportunities).

  • By accepting sponsorship and taking delivery of products, you agree to abide by all of the terms and conditions

  • Membership fee is $150.00 annually to include team jersey, other gear and activities.



2019/2020 - Events Calendar

November – 24, QOC - Orienteering Hemlock,
                11:00AM, Location Hemlock Parking lot, Host (Mike)

December - 22, Bryce, VA - Trail Work on the North Mountain Trail,
               11:00AM, Location Bryce Condo, Host (Mike)

December – 28,  Bryce, VA (Big Schloss & Tibbets Knob, - night hike, campfire)
                2:30PM, Wolf Gap Parking Lot, Host (Mike)

January - 1 First Day Hike
                10:00AM, Seven Bends State Park, (Christi)

January – 5, QOC – Orienteering Prince William Forest Park
                11:00AM, Location PWFP Parking area, Host (Dave)

February – 22 & 23, Trail Work, Ski & Snowshoe weekend at Bryce
                Saturday 10:00AM Skiing Bryce Resort, Host (Mike)

                Sunday 10:00AM Trail Work, 4:00PM Snow Shoeing, Host (Christi)

March – 20 - 22, Free Training weekend Bryce, VA - RSVP to Christi - Postponed
                Friday 7:00PM Map reading and Race Strategy (Dave)

                Saturday 9:00AM Trail Work - North Mountain Trail (Mike)

                Saturday 3:00PM Orienteering (Dave)

                Saturday 6:00PM cookout and night Hike (Christi)

                Sunday 9:00AM Gravel Ride (Jon)

April - Trail Running, MTB and Paddling activities (TBD - Host??)

April - 19, QOC - Orienteering, Manassas Battlefield
                11:00AM, Stuart Hill Parking lot, Host (Mike)

April – 25 & 26 - C&O Mountain Bike 24 hour event, Cumberland to DC
                 Saturday - Truck and bikes to Cumberland support Crew

                 Sunday - Arrive in DC with Pick-up from Support Crew Host (Mike)

May 3 - Rocktown Rambler  Gravel Grinder (50 or 25 Mile) Club Event, Basye VA - Postponed

May 16 & 17 - CTM Adventure Races - POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19

June – Paddling, Bryce Downhill Course, MTB and hiking

July – MTB four different State Parks, Paddling events

August 22 – Trail Work on the North Mountain Trail 9:00AM - 12:00PM, followed by biking

September 19 – C&O canal Gravel ride (15 & 30 mile Option)
                TBD - paddling camp out on the Shenandoah River

October 17 – Gravel Ride At Bryce Resort & Downhill MTB Day at Bryce Resort

November 15 - Quantico Orienteering at Fountainhead Regional Park

December 27 - Team Snowshoeing Event

If the membership form doesn't work, contact Christi for the online application

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