Rev3Endurance Ambassadors - Rev3Endurance supports an adventurous lifestyle.  Our goal is to encourage everyone to come out and compete and enjoy their outdoor experience.


Outlook - In Adventure Racing, navigation and strategy trump raw speed.  Wisdom beats youth almost every time. 


Passion - Being in the outdoors and seeing places that most people never will. 


Why - Adventure racing is a test of both physical and mental toughness. I enjoy searching to find my limits, and seeking to expand them. 


Outlook - You only live once, Enjoy the ride....


Passion - Being with like minded people


Why - I like to go fast downhill


Outlook - To live the adventure


Passion - Time with the family outside


Why - Its the way I choose to live



Teddy P

Outlook - I'd rather be biking 


Passion - Any type pf bike


Why - It allows me to drink


Outlook - I like to work hard and sweat


Passion - Mountain biking


Why - Spending time with my friends


Outlook - Live Adventurously


Passion - Hiking, camping and being in the mountains


Why - I feel alive when I'm outside and can feel the sun charg my life batteries


Outlook - Living the Adventurous Lifestyle 


Passion - Being outside is the best option


Why - I love to design Adventure courses and watch the different ways racers solve problems


Outlook - Get busy living


Passion - Pushing myself to the limit


Why - Fast Pete


Outlook - 


Passion - 


Why - 


Outlook - I'll try anything once


Passion - Being outside


Why - You don't know until you try


Outlook - To get it done


Passion - Trail Running


Why - I feel alive outside


Outlook - Being active


Passion - Competing with friends


Why - Push myself


Outlook - Outside is better than insside


Passion - Biking, Exploring and being outside


Why - Why Not?


Outlook - Meet teammates for adventure race and have fun


Passion - Skiing, running, biking (road and mountain), rock climbing, hiking, etc.


Why - Be an encouragement to club members!


Outlook - promote an active life


Passion - Skiing, running, biking (road and mountain), rock climbing, hiking, etc.


Why - I'm interested in getting involved in a Rev3 to promote an active life by helping to run an event or maintaining a trail and meet new friends who are also interested in getting outside.


Outlook - Love the adventure


Passion - Being active outdoors with my family


Why -