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Are you interested in joining the REV3Endurance team? Rev3Endurance has open team Ambassadors positions. If you are interested in being involved with the exciting world adventure racing then fill out the application and we'll follow up with an email to update you about our events. - Rev3Endurance supports an adventurous lifestyle.  Our goal is to encourage everyone to come out and compete and enjoy their outdoor experience.


The local ambassadors represents REV3Endurance in Virginia, West Virginia, DC, Tennessee, Maryland, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. Club membership is available to anyone who is interested in adventure racing or mountain biking, regardless of experience or skill level. Benefits for the club members are as follows:


  • 50% discount on Rev3 Endurance races with the Team code

  • 20% discount for friends and family with a special code

  • Branded T-shirt

  • REV3Endurance racing jersey

  • Opportunity to train with and learn from like-minded individuals

  • Sponsor gear, supplies, and benefits including:

    • Team discounts from local sponsors

    • Access to Facebook group page for the Rev3 Endurance Team.

    • Other sponsor gear (Gloves, Sunglasses, clothing, etc)


Ambassador obligations

Become a brand ambassador for Rev3 Endurance

  • Incorporate team kits and Rev3 Endurance brand in your regular training activities.

  • Actively promote a positive image of Rev3 Endurance – answer questions; direct to website; inform others about races; advertise Rev3 Endurance with stickers, car magnets, and other promotional materials; etc.

  • Distribute marketing materials in your local markets (business cards, postcards and posters)

  • “Like” and “Follow” Rev3 Endurance on social media sites. Be sure to tag us in your posts when relevant.

  • Volunteer your time for at least one Rev3 Endurance event (Adventure, Glow, or Mountain bike,  trail work day) per calendar year. A team member can volunteer and still participate in some of our events on the same day.

  • We will host monthly REV3Endurance training sessions for other teammates or prospective teammates to attend (MTB, orienteering, paddling, climbing, hiking, camping, running, team cookout, charity events, volunteering, and marketing opportunities).

  • Membership fee is $150.00 annually to include team jersey, other gear and activities.

Dave Ashley "dash"


Outlook - In Adventure Racing, navigation and strategy trump raw speed.  Wisdom beats youth almost every time. 


Passion - Being in the outdoors and seeing places that most people never will. 


Why - Adventure racing is a test of both physical and mental toughness. I enjoy searching to find my limits, and seeking to expand them. 



Outlook - You only live once, Enjoy the ride....


Passion - Being with like minded people


Why - I like to go fast downhill



Outlook - To live the adventure


Passion - Time with the family outside


Why - Its the way I choose to live



Teddy P

Outlook - I'd rather be biking 


Passion - Any type pf bike


Why - It allows me to drink



Outlook - I like to work hard and sweat


Passion - Mountain biking


Why - Spending time with my friends



Outlook - Live Adventurously


Passion - Hiking, camping and being in the mountains


Why - I feel alive when I'm outside and can feel the sun charg my life batteries



Outlook - Living the Adventurous Lifestyle 


Passion - Being outside is the best option


Why - I love to design Adventure courses and watch the different ways racers solve problems



Outlook - Get busy living


Passion - Pushing myself to the limit


Why - Fast Pete



Outlook - 


Passion - 


Why - 



Outlook - I'll try anything once


Passion - Being outside


Why - You don't know until you try



Outlook - To get it done


Passion - Trail Running


Why - I feel alive outside


Nick 1.jpg

Outlook - Learn and teach other about adventure racing


Passion - Enjoy the challenges created in racing 


Why - The People and community



Outlook - Outside is better than insside


Passion - Biking, Exploring and being outside


Why - Why Not?



Outlook - Meet teammates for adventure race and have fun


Passion - Skiing, running, biking (road and mountain), rock climbing, hiking, etc.


Why - Be an encouragement to club members!



Outlook - promote an active life


Passion - Skiing, running, biking (road and mountain), rock climbing, hiking, etc.


Why - I'm interested in getting involved in a Rev3 to promote an active life by helping to run an event or maintaining a trail and meet new friends who are also interested in getting outside.

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