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REV3Endurance Coaching
Elevate Your Adventure


Mountain Ridge


REV3Endurance Coaching supports individuals to achieve their outdoor fitness goals through professional endurance, fitness, & sports performance coaching. Through our coaching, individuals are empowered to “Live an Adventurous Lifestyle”. 

Professional Endurance Coaching for the Adventurer and Endurance Athlete



Our clients span a variety of backgrounds ranging from competitive athletes to outdoor enthusiasts Whether you are seeking to improve your performance or simply seeking a lifestyle change, we will support you in achieving your goals.

•  Adventure Racers

• Ultra-Endurance Athletes

• Trail Runners

• Mountain Bikers

• Outdoor Enthusiasts

• Mountaineers

• General Fitness & Wellness

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Our Coach

Nick Hurff MS, CSCS is familiar face in the REV3 community. He is an ultra-endurance athlete, adventure racer (with multiple First Place finishes), and a professional coach who has trained over 1,050 athletes, 31 NCAA and Intercollegiate Team (including multiple NCAA All-Americans) and record-holding ultra-endurance athletes. In his more than 7 years of experience, he has become skilled in his craft and is a master of his coaching style. Coach Hurff will help you improve your performance, fitness, and general health & wellness to achieve your goals.

•7+ Years of Coaching Experience

•1,050+ athletes

•31 NCAA, Intercollegiate, and Semi-Professional Teams

•Record Holding Ultra-Endurance Athletes & NCAA All-Americans

•Director of Sports Performance, Alvernia University

•Graduate Professor of Performance Enhancement

•Master of Science Exercise Science, Liberty University

•Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, NSCA

•U.S. Army Ranger and Combat Veteran

•Former NCAA Athlete

•Sponsored Ultra-Endurance Athlete

•Adventure Racer with multiple First Pace Finishes


Coach Hurff (right) and his teammate John (left) navigating a class II rapid as part of the REV3 Endurance Shenandoah River AR 12 Hour AR where they took first place. Coach Hurff enjoys the welcoming community of AR and embracing challenges.

Coach Hurff is a former U.S. Army Ranger and Infantry Officer who conducted special operations in Afghanistan. His past experiences of performing under pressure allow him to thrive and act as a confident coach and leader.

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Mountain Ridge

Our Services

We offer 1:1 professional endurance coaching. This includes customized programming, multiple coaching calls per month, and access to Training Peaks software and analytics. With REV3 Coaching, you and your coach know one another which leads to a truly personalized training program. Your results will show the REV3 difference.


REV3 Traditional Package

Our REV3 Traditional Package is designed for those who want customized training plans which are personally created for you, your lifestyle, and your goals. 1:1 coaching calls 2 x month allow us to synchronize your training,


personal, and work schedules while reviewing training data analytics so we capitalize on your training time to achieve maximal results. This package is perfect for individuals who want  accelerated results with training plans which are modified regularly to expedite progress.


$175 / month

The REV3 Elite Package is the ultimate performance coaching service. Designed for those with busy lifestyles and changing schedules who want to achieve maximal results. 8 program modifications, unlimited coaching text support, and 3 x coaching meetings per month allow us to synchronize your training, personal, and work schedules while integrating training data analytics so we capitalize your time and achieve maximal results. For those wanting the highest quality in professional performance coaching.



$225 / Month

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Team Training Package


Our Team Training Package provides the same services as our REV3 Elite package however for teams of up to 4 individuals. A customized team training program, individual access to Training Peaks software, 3 x Team Coaching Calls per month, 8 x training modifications per month, and unlimited text/voice messaging with your coach.


$400 / mo.

Coaching Consultations


Our consultations allow our professional coach to address the areas of your choosing and provide insight, guidance, and assistance. Many individuals will use this service to assist in developing a personal program which they can then use to train on their own. Others use this service when they have plateaued, have become bored with their current training regimen, want guidance on training for a specific event, or review a recent race performance.


Coaching consultations are great for the motivated individual who already trains consistently and wants professional insight, reviews, and guidance.


$100 / hr.


Professional performance coaching focused on completely customized programming with personal 1:1 meetings.

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