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Maintaining New Year's Resolutions

Did you know a little more than 1/3 of Americans make New Years Resolutions each year? More than half of those people will not keep their resolution for an entire year. 11% of them will not keep their resolution for even one month! Physical and mental health always a top resolutions chart in the United States and REV3 Endurance wants to help make sure that you are not one of those who does not manage to keep up with healthy habits in 2021. Here are REV3’s Top 5 Tips for maintaining your New Year’s Resolution this year.

1. Make your goal attainable. Set a reasonable goal for what you want to accomplish this year. Not a runner and want to run Rev3’s Half Marathon in October? Set smaller goals for yourself throughout the year to keep you focused on what you want to do. Conquer that mile, then a 5K (here’s a great event in May to challenge yourself), then a 10K, and then you’ve got it! You’ll be amazed at what your body can do in a short time.

2. Track your progress. I personally like to use apps like Strava and Garmin to help track my progress for running and riding. Using apps like these you can see how you have improved over time and even set personal records for routes you do more than once. Join our Strava club to see how other racers fare on the same courses. Reach out to ask about new areas to explore. There are many seasoned pros who would love to share their insight with you!

3. Plan ahead! Sign up for an event that you are really excited about later in the year to give you time to prepare. When you give yourself time to train you give yourself time to set smaller goals in preparation for your big one. REV3 is proud to offer events from May through October. There is something for everyone on our calendar no matter what fitness level you are at now.

4. Reward Yourself! When you hit that milestone, celebrate it! Buy those new running shoes you’ve been eyeing…or a cool pack for adventure racing! (Our buddies at have some great ones!) Treat yourself to something you really want when you’ve earned it. There’s no shame in celebrating your success!

5. Get Involved. Not ready to sign up for an event just yet? Volunteer at one of our events to see what it’s all about. Link up with our adventure club for a hike, bike, or run. When you surround yourself with like minded people you are more likely to stick with your goal. Plus, it’s fun! Check out our full calendar of events here and consider joining our adventure club. There are some pretty sweet perks too!

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