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03-2022 Shenandoah AR Preview.jpg

REV3Endurance 50 Hour Challenge

Adventure Race
May 11th - May 14th, 2023

Team List


Team: We Don't Quit
Kofi, Safiya, Dana, Tia

#497 Division: 4 Person CO-ED

Captain: Kofi Borie  State: Maryland

Fun Fact: Reverse Co-ed Team

Bio: We Don't Quit is a team of family and friends, including a pair of siblings and a spouse. Our adventure racing experience ranges from 6 months to 6 years and from a 12-hour race to a 72-hour race, though we haven’t all raced together before. We enjoy the physical and mental challenges of adventure racing and look forward to what longer races can teach us about ourselves and our relationships with each other. We also enjoy AR because it’s fun! Now let’s see how much fun we're having at hour 46…

#499 Division: 4 Person Male

Captain: Jeremy Johnson  State: West Virginia

Fun Fact: For all of us “ destination matters not, it’s the journey “ something we have done from our first race together is sharing something we are thankful for every hour!

Bio: The Bridge Boys is a group of two brothers, a lifetime friend, and a newer guy, that has fit right in and will be a lifetime friend as well! JJ, Jesse, Yarb, and Drew are somewhat newer to adventure racing with three years of experience, but bring a lifetime of outdoor, climbing, and various other sports and activities to the race. For all of us, destination matters not, it is the journey that we really enjoy. Since our first race together, we make it a point to share something we are grateful for every hour on the hour during the event. If you are near us those things can become pretty funny at 3 AM in the middle of the woods. The real joy is everything that leads us to the race, after that, everything else is a bonus! See you out there? 

Bridge Boys.jpg

Team: Bridge Boys
Jeremy J, Jesse, Jeremy Y, Drew

Tropical Thunder.png

Team: Tropical Thunder
Abby, Ann, Hayley, Chrisin

#498 Division: 4 Person Female

Captain: Abby Carey State: North Carolina

Fun Fact: Four Surfer Girls from the Beach

Bio: Do you hear the thunder? If so, watch out, here comes Team Tropical Thunder! You'll also know it's us because we'll be running our mouths just as much as we are running our legs. Because why would we put ourselves through hours of hard work without talking and enjoying each other's company? We live in the land of adventure. A skinny barrier island off the coast of North Carolina known as the Outer Banks, where there are A LOT of adventures to be had. Hike a sand dune? Yup! Surf the waves? for sure! Bike, kite board, ropes courses, mountain biking (yes, our own tiny version), swimming, yoga, kayaking, the list goes on and we are masters of none and jackies of all. We share a competitive nature, the need for challenge, and make friends everywhere we go. In a nutshell, we are strong, competitive and motivated adventurers.  What matters most, is whatever happens along the trail, we remain friends and laugh about it when it's over (and everyone anticipates our stories when we get back home). (And Christin will let us know what percentile we finished in).

#298 Division: 2 Person CO-ED

Captain: Wilo Nater State: Maryland

Fun Fact: We're the fast slow team

Bio: Shameka and Wilo have been Adventure Racing for about a year and a half, participating in 6 races together. With multiple years of experience in other sports, they were driven to Adventure Racing because of its challenges. Their goals are simple, to have a lot of fun as they navigate and discover new ways to overcome the adversities on the course.


Team: Onyx Adventure Racing
Wilo, Shameka


#297 Division: 2 Person Female

Captain: Crystal Anderson State: Virginia

Fun Fact: Technically speaking, Brenda (62) is just “young” enough to be my mom (I’m 44), but realistically speaking, I will be working my butt off just to keep up with her

Bio: Brenda has decades of race experience (which began with canoe marathon races and then ARs in the mid-90’s).  I have much less and am looking to tackle longer races.  We’re an AR mentor-mentee team, and we connected in the way that many AR teams connect - through social media.  Looking for an experienced expedition AR racer-mentor, I reached out to a teammate finder group, and to my surprise and delight, Brenda messaged me generously and enthusiastically (she loves AR, helping new racers, sharing her joy for AR, and growing the sport).  I’m in VA; Brenda is in MI.  We’re still getting to know each other.  We’ll train remotely for the most part with a plan to connect before the race to do some training together.  Both of us love paddling, so we’re excited to get on the water and see what this course has in store for us (bike logistics should be interesting).  Our goal is to clear the course in well under 50 hours - before sleep feels imperative - and to learn/have fun in the process.

Team: Goal Diggers
Crystal, Brenda

#296 Division: 2 person Male

Captain: Davy DeArmond State: Maryland

Fun Fact: One of us is seven feet tall and one of us is a former amateur backyard wrestler named "Vulture."

Bio: Davy DeArmond and Brock Morgan will always opt for “more fun” when training, planning, and racing. Questionable Decisions first teamed up in 2020 to stretch their endurance and navigational legs, winning their first 12-hour race in the process. Fueled by double cheeseburgers, burritos, gas station pizza, Stanley, and Haribo Twin Snakes, Brock and Davy deliberated at length over their team name. The name “Questionable Decisions” seemed an inevitable choice that guides them daily, because when do good stories come from making reasonable decisions?

Questionable Decisions 2.jpg

Team: Questionable Decisions
Davy, Brock


Team: Magic Bike's
Amber, Rosemarie

#295 Division: 2 Person Female

Captain: Amber Sovorsky State: Colorado

Fun Fact: We once raced a backwards canoe

Bio: I guess you could say we started playing in the dirt together as little kids and just never grew out of it. We were next-door neighbors growing up who quickly became lifelong best friends. Though we now live and train 1,700 miles away from each other, the sport of adventure racing keeps us as close and connected as ever. There’s no better feeling to us than being outdoors, playing hard, and coming home with a great story to tell.

#496 Division: 4 Person COED

Captain: Brian Minard State: Virginia/Iowa

Fun Fact: Brian is the team’s mandatory gear. Don’t be surprised to hear howling @ midnight
during the race. Moonhowler Tag Lines: Enjoy the Adventure, Go Howl or Go Home, Moonies
Never Say Die, Embrace the muck, yuck, and suck! Mis-adventuring since 2021.

Bio: Moonhowlers is a relatively young team, however, they’ve competed in dozens of 12 to +24hr, Sea2Sea, Endless Mountain, O-meets, and multiple solo races in the last 2 years. Brian loves to race with the ladies, as we laugh at the pain, keep the spirits high, rarely stop chatting, and complain less then the average male racer. During training season, we come together to enjoy O-meets, virtual races, snowshoeing, team meet ups for overnight hikes in the VA mountains, and local “fatigue” training locally in Hampton Roads. Moonhowler rules: Enjoy the Adventure, Go Howl or Go Home, Moonies Never Say Die, Embrace the muck, yuck, and suck! Mis-adventuring since 2021. Howl when you see us, and don’t mistaken the midnight moon howl for the local wildlife!


Team: moonhowlers
Brian, Jesse, Nicky, Kylee


Team: Nerdy by Nature
Morgan, Zach, Heather, Geoff

#495 Division: 4 Person COED

Captain: Morgan Cheatham State: Virginia

Fun Fact: If we get hurt, we can fix ourselves!!

Bio: Team Nerdy by Nature is composed of two physicians, an exercise physiologist, and a full time professional running coach. Our collective “nerdiness” is both our super power and secret weapon in adventure racing. 


Between the four of us, we have multiple decades of endurance racing experience, including ultramarathons upwards of 100+ miles.  However, all four of us are relatively new to the sport of adventure racing.


Nerdy by Nature first met virtually in 2021 when Morgan contacted Heather & Geoff looking for a coach to help her with training for her first ultramarathon.  Soon after, she raced her first AR with Zach, and the four quickly connected over their mutual excitement for this new-to-them sport.

Professionally, we all work towards helping others lead healthy lives.  Personally, adventure racing has become the outlet that helps all four of us maintain our own physical & mental health.  Our mutual goals during the 50 hour are to gain more adventure racing experience,  to finally teach Geoff the difference between “right” and “left”, to not get hurt (but if we do, we’ve got two doctors in the house)  and have a whole lot of fun along the way!

#294 Division: 2 Person COED

Captain: Tom Kniezewski State: Virginia

Fun Fact: Like fingerprints, everyone's tongue print is different.

Bio:  Tom and Stefanie are in a lifelong adventure race. They have been married for 12 years and have two adventurous and amazing boys. They are fairly new to organized adventure racing, but not to racing adventures. As a team they have completed 3 adventure races and each has finished one on their own. Outside of adventure racing Stefanie is an Ironman, 2x World's Toughest Mudder Finisher, and has multiple 12hr, 50k, and road bike races under her belt. Tom has 7 WTM checked off and has recently taken to trail running. He finished a 100 mile race in 2022 and is training for a 200 miler this year.
We are drawn to adventure racing because it allows us to spend time working together towards a common goal. The ability to communicate and work together when things are stressful on course carries over to our regular life. Plus, who doesn't love playing in nature!

Where Are The Kids 2.jpg

Team: Where Are The Kids
Stef & Tom

Chafing the Dream.png

Team: Chafing the Dream
Joe Roberts, Tom (TJ) Jubb, Hayes Davis

#494 Division: 4 Person male

Captain: Alek Sergek State: Virginia

Fun Fact: One of us traveled the US in a skoolie, another surfed in the Artic Circle, and three of us consider the mosh pit as an acceptable form of training.

Bio: Chafing the Dream is a team of four friends who came together through a love of the outdoors, music, international missions, and faith. As a team of three military vets and an endurance athlete, we’re always searching for opportunities to push our limits and have a great time doing crazy things. Our goals are to become a stronger team, accomplish something awesome in our middle age, stay vertical in the water, and not tap-out at hour 49. Looking forward to crushing this with all the other amazing teams!
Come and say hi . . . you can spot us by our nagging, old-man injuries, a dude with a gray beard and purple hair, and by the aromas of Ben-Gay and BioFreeze.

#293 Division: 2 Person Female

Captain: Libby Hayden State: North Carolina

Fun Fact: Grew up hoping the fence to each other's houses.

Bio: Decades of experience doing ridiculous adventures together in the outdoors, like passing crampon ladden tourists in running shoes, rescuing an injured hiker after attending a mountain top wedding and roller skiing, made Libby's choice to invite her ultra runner friend Katie to join her on a 50hr adventure race an obvious choice. 

Katie and Libby.jpg

Team: Katie and Libby
Katie, Libby

Bronco Pic 2.jpg

Team: Bronco
Jeff, Ashley

#292 Division: 2 Person COED

Captain: Jeff Bronco State: Virginia

Fun Fact: Retired Naval Special Warfare operator

Bio: Jeff and Ashley Bronco are a married couple of 14 years from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Despite being new to Adventure racing they both are adventuresome and practiced athletes. Ashley is currently a Pharmacist at a hospital. She competes year-round in road and obstacle races and finds her way on the podium regularly. She was also on the Cross-Country and Track teams while attending the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Va.  Jeff is a former Naval Special Warfare Operator of 20+ years and knows full well what it’s like to be in the woods, alone, at 3am. He has competed in triathlons for over 40 years and was a competitive miler in College. He has extensive knowledge of land navigation while serving in the Special Forces. While looking for new challenges in his life, the past 12 months he trained to climb the mountains of the Nepal region. After completing some of the harshest conditions on the planet, he made it over the Chola Pass in record time, finishing the final two peaks with no rest. Athletes in the Bronco clan have reached high in their perspective sports. Jeff’s older brother was a Professional Triathlete and has competed in the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. His oldest daughter, Summer, is a World Champion Muay Thai fighter and has represented her Country on the World stage in Thailand.  With the goal to finish, Jeff and Ashley expect this experience to be an exciting opportunity to broaden their racing repertoire while exploring “Team Bronco’s” mental and physical limits. In the end they hope to grow closer and learn about the power of suffering, together.

#291 Division: 2 Person Male

Captain: Mark Rothlisberger State: Georgia

Fun Fact:  As children, Mark suffered numerous injuries and had to get dozens of stitches trying to keep up with John.

Bio: We are brothers who are trying to recapture the magic of their younger years, when they spent a lot of time backpacking and a lot of time training and competing—John as a runner, Mark as a rower.  Although the glory days of youth are past, we tried a 24 hour adventure race in 2021 and found it a great way to reconnect with each other and enjoy the wilderness while pushing to their limits in the spirit of friendly competition.  As soon as that race finished, we started planning for the next one!  We thank our families, especially our wives, for supporting us in training and racing.

Reentrant Brothers.jpg

Team: Reentrant Brothers
Mark, John


Team: Epic Nav
C.J., Joe

#493 Division: 4 Person COED

Captain: C.J. Meidlinger State: Virginia

Fun Fact: We won a city-league basketball championship game with only four players.

Bio: We are a couple of non-ultra, non-endurance basketball/golf guys looking to challenge ourselves in the world of AR/multisport.  Our emphasis will be more on adventure than race and we will undoubtedly be figuring things out on the fly.  We are looking forward to the adventure!

#492 Division: 4 Person COED

Captain: Kevin Keck State: Michigan

Fun Fact:  Kevin and Samantha were 7th grade sweethearts. She dumped him in the 8th grade but over the next 12 years, he slowly wore her down and she finally settled. We've been happily married for 7 years and have 2 amazing kids.


Royal Elks was formed in October 2020 when we competed in our first adventure race. We were immediately hooked on the sport and have been racing as much as we can. We love the challenge of the different disciplines as well as the supportive community of people involved in the sport. 


The team name was inspired by our cottage in Elk Rapids, Michigan. Our family is the happiest when we are "up north" enjoying the clear royal blue colors of the lake. We love exploring new trails and enjoying a slower pace of life. 


When we race, our goal is to always have fun and make it home safely to our girls. But that doesn't stop us from being competitive, focused, and ready to work hard and efficiently as a team

Royal Elks Team.jpg

Team: Royal Elks
Kevin, Samantha, ?,?

RVA Flatlanders 2.JPG

Team: RVA Flatlanders
Drew, Brad

#289 Division:  2 Person male

Captain: Drew Snead State: Virginia

Fun Fact: Richmond and the James River are the only place in the country where extensive Class 3 whitewater conditions exist within sight of skyscrapers. 

Bio: Brad Knisley and Drew Snead are both consultants for gas utility companies in Richmond, VA, who have a passion for all things outdoors. Before starting adventure racing, we both loved hiking, mountain biking, water sports, and competition.  After watching the World’s Toughest Race, we knew we had to try a race that combined some of our favorite activities.  We have been adventurers in several sprint and all-day races, and we keep being drawn back by the friendly community, the challenge of the unknown, and the endurance to stay in the race. We are the RVA Flatlanders to represent our love for the awesome city of Richmond, the beautiful James River, and the many outdoor adventure opportunities you can find in the “flatlands” of Virginia.

#492 Division: 4 Person Male

Captain: Jason Arndt State: CT, LA, MS

Fun Fact:  We are all Marine

Bio: Jason Arndt, Cody Bush, and Alexander John have been racing together for 6 years. We’ve done everything from solo races to numerous 12 & 24 hours, and multiple multi-day races. We enjoy introducing adventure racing to other Marines and we’re excited to add Jason Dufault, who served with Alex, to the team for his first adventure race. One of the things we’ve gotten increasingly better at is our team approach to navigation, which we now believe is one of our biggest strengths. We’ve become addicted to the physical and mental challenge of adventure racing and are looking forward to pushing ourselves for this race.

Misguided Bio Pic.png

Team: Misguided
Jason, Cody, Alexander, Jason

Herd the turtle.jpg

Team: Herd of Turtles
James, Jeff

#288 Division:  2 Person male

Captain: James Head State: Colorado

Fun Fact: After quite a few years of wandering around in the wilderness, we only recently started using maps.

Bio: Two OG ski-bums from Colorado. We’ve been friends for years, just getting extreme in the mountains for fun. Favorite expedition: going after an opalized T-Rex skull in a cave way up a cliff but all we found was a really mad eagle. Look for us at the after party.

#491 Division: 4 Person Female

Captain: Shannon State: North Carolina

Fun Fact:  Two real sisters and two fake sisters

Bio: We are endurance athletes who met through ruck-based team events.  Megan and Jenni are sisters from Raleigh, who enjoy Olympic lifting, Crossfit, and obstacle course racing.  Charlotte-based Shannon and Jennifer, although not sisters by blood, have bonded over tactical sports.  We all became interested in adventure racing as a way to leverage our physical and mental strengths in a fun new way, and each dove into the deep end with the Sea to Sea 72-hour adventure race, where we had a blast and learned a lot.  We decided to join forces for the Rev50, where we are excited to put our skills to the test.

Steel Wolves 2.png

Team: Steel Wolves
Jenni, Megan, Jennifer, Shannon

Fed Up.jpg

Team: Fed Up
Doug, Josh

#287 Division:  2 Person male

Captain: Doug Silk State: Virginia and New Mexico

Fun Fact: We lived thru two hurricanes when we worked together in Puerto Rico and ran humanitarian aid teams delivering food and water for months after the Catagory 4 hurricane Maria hit the island..

Bio: Doug and Josh are brothers from another mother. They have braved the storm of being federal agents together, lived thru multiple hurricanes working together on humanitarian aid missions and some may consider them to be some what of a tropical storm themselves leaving destruction in their wake. They have adventured (not raced) on two different islands together and thought they would jump into adventure racing together with both feet by doing a 50hr race to bring them even closer. Doug has some history with AR and Josh is a newbie, but it is guaranteed that if you are around these guys during the race you will either be laughing with/at them or cussing with/at them.. but either way they will leave you with a smile on your face! 

#286 Division: 2 Person COED

Captain: Rae State: Washington, DC

Fun Fact:  Tim and Rae are a neurodiverse couple that have been married for 22 years

Bio: Full Spectrum Racing competes in adventure races to obliterate preconceptions of what a woman on the spectrum can do. This will be their third adventure race as a couple, and their ninth race overall. Their goal—as always—is to find the boundaries of their physical, emotional, and relational limits and see what’s on the other side.

Full Spectrum.jpg

Team: Full Spectrum Racing
Rae, Tim

Coming Soon - Approved Teams

Captain: Kelly Moise - Flashing KOAS
Captain: Ray Boatwright - Binary Brew

Captain: Diego Nieves - Adventure Seekers
Captain: Jared Nieters - Haymarket Bikes
Captain: Nick Hurff - REV3Endurance
Captain: Kevin Brown - Thrill Seeker
Captain: Tobin Jenkins - Ozark Trail
Captain: CJ Meidlinger - Epic Nav
Captain: Brad Lohiser - Thunder Road
Captain: David Grabiner - Lubono Capital Racing
Captain: Thomas Ambrose - Chip off the Old Tom
Captain: Kimberly Stewart - In KaHoots
Captain: Edwards Parks - F3 - Explorers UnDaunted
Captain: Matt Wilson - He Was A Navigator Once
Captain: Mari Chandler - Lost Arrow Sports
Captain: Mark Thomsen - Daphnes Tales
Captain: Matthew Halter - Fatboys
Captain: Eric Serbus - SOTAMEN
Captain: Matthew Getz - NCARS


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