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REV3Endurance 50 Hour Challenge

Adventure Race
May 11th - May 14th, 2023

Sample - Team List


Team: We Don't Quit
Kofi, Safiya, Dana, Tia

#497 Division: 4 Person CO-ED

Captain: Kofi Borie  State: Maryland

Fun Fact: Reverse Co-ed Team

Bio: We Don't Quit is a team of family and friends, including a pair of siblings and a spouse. Our adventure racing experience ranges from 6 months to 6 years and from a 12-hour race to a 72-hour race, though we haven’t all raced together before. We enjoy the physical and mental challenges of adventure racing and look forward to what longer races can teach us about ourselves and our relationships with each other. We also enjoy AR because it’s fun! Now let’s see how much fun we're having at hour 46…

#499 Division: 4 Person Male

Captain: Jeremy Johnson  State: West Virginia

Fun Fact: For all of us “ destination matters not, it’s the journey “ something we have done from our first race together is sharing something we are thankful for every hour!

Bio: The Bridge Boys is a group of two brothers, a lifetime friend, and a newer guy, that has fit right in and will be a lifetime friend as well! JJ, Jesse, Yarb, and Drew are somewhat newer to adventure racing with three years of experience, but bring a lifetime of outdoor, climbing, and various other sports and activities to the race. For all of us, destination matters not, it is the journey that we really enjoy. Since our first race together, we make it a point to share something we are grateful for every hour on the hour during the event. If you are near us those things can become pretty funny at 3 AM in the middle of the woods. The real joy is everything that leads us to the race, after that, everything else is a bonus! See you out there? 

Bridge Boys.jpg

Team: Bridge Boys
Jeremy J, Jesse, Jeremy Y, Drew

Tropical Thunder.png

Team: Tropical Thunder
Abby, Ann, Hayley, Chrisin

#498 Division: 4 Person Female

Captain: Abby Carey State: North Carolina

Fun Fact: Four Surfer Girls from the Beach

Bio: Do you hear the thunder? If so, watch out, here comes Team Tropical Thunder! You'll also know it's us because we'll be running our mouths just as much as we are running our legs. Because why would we put ourselves through hours of hard work without talking and enjoying each other's company? We live in the land of adventure. A skinny barrier island off the coast of North Carolina known as the Outer Banks, where there are A LOT of adventures to be had. Hike a sand dune? Yup! Surf the waves? for sure! Bike, kite board, ropes courses, mountain biking (yes, our own tiny version), swimming, yoga, kayaking, the list goes on and we are masters of none and jackies of all. We share a competitive nature, the need for challenge, and make friends everywhere we go. In a nutshell, we are strong, competitive and motivated adventurers.  What matters most, is whatever happens along the trail, we remain friends and laugh about it when it's over (and everyone anticipates our stories when we get back home). (And Christin will let us know what percentile we finished in).

#298 Division: 2 Person CO-ED

Captain: Wilo Nater State: Maryland

Fun Fact: We're the fast slow team

Bio: Shameka and Wilo have been Adventure Racing for about a year and a half, participating in 6 races together. With multiple years of experience in other sports, they were driven to Adventure Racing because of its challenges. Their goals are simple, to have a lot of fun as they navigate and discover new ways to overcome the adversities on the course.


Team: Onyx Adventure Racing
Wilo, Shameka


#297 Division: 2 Person Female

Captain: Crystal Anderson State: Virginia

Fun Fact: Technically speaking, Brenda (62) is just “young” enough to be my mom (I’m 44), but realistically speaking, I will be working my butt off just to keep up with her

Bio: Brenda has decades of race experience (which began with canoe marathon races and then ARs in the mid-90’s).  I have much less and am looking to tackle longer races.  We’re an AR mentor-mentee team, and we connected in the way that many AR teams connect - through social media.  Looking for an experienced expedition AR racer-mentor, I reached out to a teammate finder group, and to my surprise and delight, Brenda messaged me generously and enthusiastically (she loves AR, helping new racers, sharing her joy for AR, and growing the sport).  I’m in VA; Brenda is in MI.  We’re still getting to know each other.  We’ll train remotely for the most part with a plan to connect before the race to do some training together.  Both of us love paddling, so we’re excited to get on the water and see what this course has in store for us (bike logistics should be interesting).  Our goal is to clear the course in well under 50 hours - before sleep feels imperative - and to learn/have fun in the process.

Team: Goal Diggers
Crystal, Brenda

#296 Division: 2 person Male

Captain: Davy DeArmond State: Maryland

Fun Fact: One of us is seven feet tall and one of us is a former amatuer backyard wrestler named "Vulture."

Bio: Davy DeArmond and Brock Morgan will always opt for “more fun” when training, planning, and racing. Questionable Decisions first teamed up in 2020 to stretch their endurance and navigational legs, winning their first 12-hour race in the process. Fueled by double cheeseburgers, burritos, gas station pizza, Stanley, and Haribo Twin Snakes, Brock and Davy deliberated at length over their team name. The name “Questionable Decisions” seemed an inevitable choice that guides them daily, because when do good stories come from making reasonable decisions?

Questionable Decisions 2.jpg

Team: Questionable Decisions
Davy, Brock


Team: Magic Bike's
Amber, Rosemarie

#295 Division: 2 Person Female

Captain: Amber Sovorsky State: Colorado

Fun Fact: We once raced a backwards canoe

Bio: I guess you could say we started playing in the dirt together as little kids and just never grew out of it. We were next-door neighbors growing up who quickly became lifelong best friends. Though we now live and train 1,700 miles away from each other, the sport of adventure racing keeps us as close and connected as ever. There’s no better feeling to us than being outdoors, playing hard, and coming home with a great story to tell.

#496 Division: 4 Person COED

Captain: Brian Minard State: Virginia

Fun Fact: we enjoy howling at the Moon at Midnight

Bio: Coming Soon


Team: moonhowlers
Brian,?, ?, ?


Team: Nerdy by Nature
Morgan, Zach, Heather, Geoff

#495 Division: 4 Person COED

Captain: Morgan Cheatham State: Virginia

Fun Fact: If we get hurt, we can fix ourselves!!

Bio: Team Nerdy by Nature is composed of two physicians, an exercise physiologist, and a full time professional running coach. Our collective “nerdiness” is both our super power and secret weapon in adventure racing. 


Between the four of us, we have multiple decades of endurance racing experience, including ultramarathons upwards of 100+ miles.  However, all four of us are relatively new to the sport of adventure racing.


Nerdy by Nature first met virtually in 2021 when Morgan contacted Heather & Geoff looking for a coach to help her with training for her first ultramarathon.  Soon after, she raced her first AR with Zach, and the four quickly connected over their mutual excitement for this new-to-them sport.

Professionally, we all work towards helping others lead healthy lives.  Personally, adventure racing has become the outlet that helps all four of us maintain our own physical & mental health.  Our mutual goals during the 50 hour are to gain more adventure racing experience,  to finally teach Geoff the difference between “right” and “left”, to not get hurt (but if we do, we’ve got two doctors in the house)  and have a whole lot of fun along the way!

#??? Division: ????

Captain: ???? State: ????

Fun Fact: ????

Bio: ???

Team: ???

Coming Soon - Approved Teams

Captain: Mark Rothlisberger
Captain: Drew Snead
Captain: Jason Arndt
Captain: Tom Kniezewski
Captain: Kevin Keck
Captain: Kelly Moise
Captain: James Head
Captain: Diego Nieves
Captain: Libby Hayden
Captain: Jeff Bronco
Captain: Jared Nieters
Captain: Nick Huff
Captain: Kevin Brown
Captain: Mathew Jarvis
Captain: Shannon Bass
Captain: Alex Sergek
Captain: Jesse Tubb
Captain: Morgan Cheatham
Captain: Brian Minard
Captain: Doug Silk
Captain: CJ Meidlinger
Captain: Dennis Azato
Captain: David Grabiner
Captain: Thomas Ambrose
Captain: Dave Ashley?