Tuesday Night at Baker Creek
 July Mountain Bike Series at Baker Creek

Race Mountain Bikes on Tuesday night in your own backyard
3700 Lancaster Dr. Knoxville, TN


"T@BC" Tuesdays at Baker Creek

New for 2022, Bear Paw Bikes, in partnership with Personal Best Racing and REV3Endurance, will  host Tuesday nights at Baker Creek!  Bear Paw Bikes, a locally owned bike shop in Knoxville, will be the major sponsor of our grassroots race series. We are excited about this new partnership and know 2022 will be a race series to remember!


Plan to get off of work a bit early and join up to 100 riders for four spectacular weekdays of racing starting on July 5th. Pitched as a race “in your own backyard”,  T@BC features a very down-home and earthy venue. We are keeping the series as grassroots as you can get. But don’t let that fool you, The REV3 and Personal Best Racing have hosted over 200 different events in their 10+ year history. And they show this through a simplified, yet highly organized event, that allows for enough riding categories to give everyone a fighting chance.


The Bear Paw Bikes\REV3 Race Teams have come together to run a fun and community-oriented race series. We have an all-volunteer staff who works closely with our local AMBC club, to make sure we have fun single track to race, that is great for everyone from juniors to beginners to elite racers.  A portion of the proceeds from T@BC goes to AMBC for trails.

So if you’re interested in hanging out with the local mountain bike scene, but want to race with riders that have both regional and national championships under their belt, come on down to Tuesdays at Baker Creek.


T@BC is a great venue to experience good, clean mountain bike racing. T@BC is an event that is both safe and fair, and breaks the categories down to such a level that every skill level can find a race that fits.

To accommodate this, we’ve built a category system (based on the USA Cycling categories) that allows for a category for just about every skill level.

Don’t like gears? Race Single Speed with some of the fastest one-gear junkies in the Knoxville area.

Do you out-size your fellow racers 2 to 1? Then the Clydesdale category is big enough for you to race with fellow powerhouses.

Faster than a Beginner, but too slow to be an Expert? Then Masters and Sport are where you should be, where your fellow “mid-pack” riders get to slog it out with others of just enough equal skill.

Never raced a mountain bike in your life? Then welcome Beginners! Don’t worry, you will have plenty of company, because as a beginner on Tuesdays at Baker Creek, you get the chance to turn the trails you ride for fun on a quiet Saturday morning, into your very own mid-week race course!



Tuesdays at Baker Creek is not just a few races, it will be an epic race series! Some come for one or two events, some even complete three. But for those that are driven, winning the four-race series comes with its own set of prizes! Every place you earn (between 1st and 13th) in the T@BC series gives you points towards the Series Championship.

Riders who win the most cumulative race points in each category can claim one of the top 3 places in the series. We rank riders from 1st to 13th place, giving those who race in all four races a better chance at claiming enough points to beat that 1st place rider.

You know, that one that only showed up once? Yeah!

Math is on your side with T@BC Series points. You may finish in between 4th and 13th every race, but by racing all four races in the series, your point totals could be enough to take the Series. So do not miss a single race if you are on the hunt to be a Tuesdays at Baker Creek Series Champion!

Series Points are awarded to the following places during each race:

  • 1st Place = 25

  • 2nd Place = 18

  • 3rd Place = 13

  • 4th Place = 10

  • 5th Place = 9

  • 6th Place = 8

  • 7th Place = 7

  • 8th Place = 6

  • 9th Place = 5

  • 10th Place = 4

  • 11th Place = 3

  • 12th Place = 2

  • 13th Place = 1

  • 14th Place = 0

2022 Series Dates

  • July 5, 2022 — T@BC Series Event #1 @ Baker Creek

  • July 12, 2022 — T@BC Series Event #2 @ Baker Creek

  • July 19, 2022 — T@BC Series Event #3 @ Baker Creek

  • July 26, 2022 — T@BC Series Event #4 @ Baker Creek

RAIN DATES August 2 and 9, 2022. Unfortunately, there will be NO REFUNDS if events cannot be made up.


Series Registration prices are as follows:

  • Pre-Registration (Sport & Expert) for all 4 races = $80 before January 1st, $100 after January 1, 2022

  • Pre-Registration (Junior & Beginner) for all 4 races = $50 before January 1st, $70 after January 1, 2022

  • Race Day Registration for each race = $30 ($15 for 5:45 pm Youth races) - ONSITE ONLY

  • There is pre-registration for single races as well.

Series Registration on Race Day:

  • There WILL BE race day Registration ($30/per race) on each of our four (4) Race Days. But why wait, when you can save $30 if you pre reg for the series and get FREE SWAG?

  • Pay with cash, check, or credit card for race day registration.

There will be NO Race Day Series Registration — Only Per Race Registration

Now until July 3rd, Pre-Register for all four races for ONLY $100 for the whole series!

Race Starts  

5:45PM Juniors (1 Lap Short Course)

6:15PM First Wave (Beginners (1 Lap), Single Speed (2 Laps) and Clydesdales (2 Laps))

7:10PM Second Wave (Expert (3) Laps & Sport (2 Laps))