Mountains Fall Medium.png

Mandatory Gear

Sprint Adventure Race

Fully charged cell phone

Mountain Bike

Bike helmet

Backpack to carry your gear

Hydration system (Large or Small)

Trail shoes\bike shoes

24 & Expedition Race

Headlamp with extra batteries 
Compass ($40.95) 1:24 Best

Compass ($1299) 1:24 Good
UTM Coordinate Grid Reader

Waterproof Dry bags

Rain Jacket

SmartWool or similar type shirt
Men's - Women's
Reflective tape on pack, helmet and bike

Bike tire repair kit
Tube Repair, CO2
First Aid Kit - Adventure Medical Kit


Half Day Adventure Race

Bike Lights (Front\Back)

Hydration system and water filtering

Map (Map Bag)



Emergency blanket

Recommended Gear

Camping/folding chairs to use during the clinic or TA.

Change of shoes for after the race, and small garbage bag for dirty shoes, dry socks!!!!!

Hat or sunglasses
Bike Multi Tools
Bug spray

Personal PFD if allowed
Pen and pencil, Highlighter pens and Colored pencils (optional)

2 x 20 oz water bottles

Long pants and Long-sleeve shirt
Blister Prevention

Race Specific Gear

Map - Conquer the Mountain - Massanutten and Great North Mountain

Sprint Adventure Race

A sprint race is generally a race that is from 2-6 hours long.

These races require less technical skills and are designed to be easy enough for anyone to have a go. This is especially true of the kayaking stage, which might just be a short paddle on a sit-on-top.

Some sprint races will involve navigation, but others won’t.  Team make up can also be much more varied with teams of 2 or 3 and sometimes solo categories.   (Some would say teamwork and navigation are required to be a true adventure race, but there are ‘adventure races’ that don’t require those elements.)

Sprint events might also include teamwork challenges and obstacles – in fact some of the earliest of these kinds of races in the early 2000’s included slippery walls, mud pits and other challenges ... well before OCR took off as a sport.